Music Technology Studies
Sibelius Academy Open University (FI)
Spring 2022-

Bachelor & Master of Psychology
University of Turku (FI), 2013-2019

Bachelor & Master of Natural Science,
specified in IT (no degree)
University of Jyväskylä (FI), 2009-2013


Private singing lessons
Saara Mustonen, Rockin’ Bird Vocals

Self built home studio 2019-

Electronical music workshop
Marja Ahti 08/2018

Singing in different groups 15 yrs
Self taught piano playing 20 yrs
Written and composed music 20 yrs

Flute playing
Porin Nuorisopuhallinorkesteri 2001-2004

Flute playing and theory 1/3
Porin musiikkiopisto 2002

Musical performance together with Sandra Marins & Amiira Kultalahti
My solo music video release party
Struts bar, Helsinki, 11/2023

Musical performance
Aikuisten seksuaalikasvatustunti by LadyClitter
Ravintolalaiva Wäiski, Helsinki, 11/2023

Audio-visual performance
Kekri vol 2.1. performanssi-ilta
Yö Gallery, Helsinki, 10/2023

Mentor for young artists
Nuori Taide 2023, Tiivistämö, 05/23
job contract for Nuori Taide 04-05/23

Soundsculpture-installation design
for sound & visual sculpture
Nuoret 2023–exhibition, Taidehalli,
Suomen Taiteilijaseura
job contract 12/22-02/23
exhibition 04-05/23

Musical performance
Kvääristö, Helsinki, 12/2022

Soundscape & soundwork for Queerture video project
by Leire de Meer & Mayuko Inui
KUMA gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 10/2022

Musical performance
Solo & together with Julia Strandman
Kvääristö, Helsinki, 08/2022
Club Haave, Helsinki 05/2022

Soundscape for exhibition with Julia Strandman
Haunted69a, Bergen, Norway, 06/2022

Soundscape & soundwork for Riina Hannula’s video essee
m/other becomings project
funded by SOLU Bioart society, Helsinki 05/2022

Improvisation performance
Electroacoustic improvisation -course
Sibelius Academy, Vapaantaiteentila, 04/2022

Part of Cultural Pollinators
(artist community), funded by KONE foundation
at TUO TUO arts, 2022-2025

Soundscape & video performance
Together with Julia Strandman for @solo___show online group exhibition, 10/2021

Soundscape & wood carving “Huunpurema”
Mätäkuu, group exhibition
07/2021 – 09/2022
Tainaroningalleria at TUO TUO arts, Joutsa

Visual installations
Muutarha event 01/2019 at QUERQ, Helsinki

Body-meditation designing
3-time workshop on autumn 2019
at QUERQ, Helsinki + Workshop on July 2019
at Borderland –event, Cph (DK)